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We talked extensively with Jill about her concerns regarding her breast size, shape, and position. She had noticed significant deflation after breastfeeding, which is a common phenomenon. Fortunately, we had a wonderful treatment for her that would help address her concerns. She truly connected with the artistic plan we laid out for her based on her desires, current breast volume, and the dimensions of her breasts and chest. We explained to her how we take into account the overall size and shape of her body. She already knew when she came to us that my specialty is in giving patients a very natural appearance. She arrived fully prepared for the appointment and asked terrific questions both about breast augmentation and the recovery period that follows. She had kept herself in shape, was a wonderful candidate for the surgery, and had realistic expectations.

She was especially appreciative of our practiceâ€s emphasis on safety. She felt comfortable that we perform the surgery with her using intravenous sedation so she could not hear, feel, or see anything. Yet, she did NOT have to be paralyzed, incubated or put on a respirator (which is typical with general anesthesia that is frequently used for breast enlargement surgery).

“I feel much more confident in myself”
I feel great! I love going clothes shopping. I can wear cute tops. I feel much more confident in myself. [It affected] how I feel and how I present myself, I feel like I stand taller. I would recommend it 110% to come here. That even goes for the surgery center. The nurses at the surgery center were fantastic.


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