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This is a wonderful woman who came to us because people were telling her she “looked tired†when she was in fact well rested. She found this to be disconcerting and wanted to do something about it. We listened to her concerns and told her about our extended blepharoplasty procedure that takes away both the puffiness and circles under the eyes that can lead to the “tired appearance.â€

We also published our extended blepharoplasty technique in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (View article). Here we discussed our experience with over 300 extended lower lid blepharoplasty procedures on our patients. The extent of our experience has led us to provide more consistence results to our patients with a very low complication rate. We are delighted that in this approach the scars are largely hidden internally; therefore, patients will show no appearance of external scars nor will they develop scar tissue that is often problematic in other blepharoplasty techniques.

“I Just Look Rested and Not Tired All of the Timeâ€

I feel refreshed and not tired. It was just easy and not painful. Iâ€d do it all over again in a second. People look at me and think, “Did you come back from vacation?†or “you look a little different†but they donâ€t say it. But Iâ€ve told people and I donâ€t mind saying it. I just look rested and not tired all of the time. The nurses were wonderful. They made you feel very comfortable, from waiting to sitting and reading a magazine it was just great. Donâ€t think twice. Go for it! I tell everybody, go for it!


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