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ResilientKidsâ„¢ is a wonderful non-profit that started in Providence, Rhode Island of Building Resilience and making a difference in Rhode Islandâ€s next generation. This organization was founded by an amazing woman, Vanessa Weiner, to help foster social, emotional, and academic growth through mindfulness-based curricula integrated into the school. Vanessa, an avid believer in the practice of meditation at an early age and yoga, used these mindfulness methods with her own children. It was when one of her childâ€s teachers saw the benefits in the classroom that Vanessa realized that mediation was a proven stress reliever in classrooms and integrated this method to support the school communities – students, teachers, administrators, and families. I have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with both Vanessa and Dr. Lewis Weinerâ€s wonderful children and they are certainly proof of these methods.

In 2011, ResilientKidsâ„¢ started a pilot program in one school serving 26 second-graders. Since then, it has successfully served over 2500 elementary, middle, and high school students in 71 classrooms, including several Rhode Islandâ€s highest-need urban schools. Today, the statistics are amazing – 24 schools, 204 classrooms, 5,197 students and 6480 contact hours – all totaling life skills for success in school, career, family, and community.

ResilientKidsâ„¢ vision is one of resilience and their goal is to create a self-sustaining culture of fortitude for school, career, and life. Vanessa and her professionally trained staff work in partnership with school administrators and teachers to reduce stress and behaviors that interfere with learning. Ultimately, the goal is to promote positive outcomes in the classrooms.

We have been supporters of ResilientKidsâ„¢ from the very beginning and we were thrilled to be a part of their 5 year Celebration on Friday, November 6, 2015. With Vanessaâ€s dedication and commitment to the organization, a strong Board of Directors, and an incredible staff, we are excited to see the future of this organization grow and further assist children in Rhode Island.

If you want to learn more about ResilientKidsâ„¢ or would like to make a donation to this wonderful organization, please visit their website at:



Dr. Sullivan with ResilientKidsâ„¢ Founder and Executive Director Vanessa Weiner, and Maureen.




Dr. Sullivan with Dr. Lewis Weiner.



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