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At the Ocean House seminar we also heard a terrific perspective on tummy tucks and liposuction from a woman who had multiple pregnancies. Her tummy had been stretched out during her pregnancies. We were able to remove the scars from her cesarian sections as well as removing scars from other abdominal surgeries. A large amount of extra overhanging soft tissue was also removed and a reconstruction done of the abdominal wall which had been overextended as a result of the pregnancies. This speakerâ€s early result can also be seen here. She is now two years postoperative and said she is coming in for more pictures because “I look even better.â€

One of the benefits of these seminars that I enjoy most is the opportunity to speak with interested individuals in person. I especially appreciate the question and answer period at the end of the seminars and the very interesting discussions these questions lead to. I am always anxious to learn why people attend our seminars. Several people have asked about what they should look for when choosing a plastic surgeon. I always discuss the importance of certification and that any plastic surgeon you choose should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I also show a variety of pictures of people who have had surgeries with surgeons that did not go well. We discuss the importance of reviewing your prospective plastic surgeons before and after photos so that you may assess that surgeonâ€s work. I tell people to pay particular attention to what the incisions look like as well as the scar lines.

At the end of each seminar we survey the attendees for feedback as to how we can improve the educational experience. Here are some comments patients shared regarding our most recent seminar at the Ocean House:

“I loved listening to the descriptions of all the different procedures. The two women who had surgery done were very informative and they looked great!â€

“Very good cross section of surgical possibilities.â€

“I liked the whole format -[of the before and after photo] slides, Dr. Sullivanâ€s speech and especially patient testimonials.â€

We look forward to planning additional patient education seminars in the future and are always happy to get suggestions on subjects and photos to present as well as hear from past attendees.

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