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A very successful business women from China flew to Providence, to receive a full facial rejuvenation from Dr Sullivan, including a Facelift, Neck rejuvenation, upper and lower eyelids and fat injections.
Read her and her husband’s shared story below: 

Her story:

Iâ€m writing to follow up about my surgery with Dr. Sullivan.  Itâ€s been a little over 9 months and I love how I look.  I feel so fortunate to have decided on Dr. Sullivan to do my surgery.  He  did exactly what he promised he would do. He didnâ€t change what I looked like, rather  I look like me, but 15 years younger.  He is a true artist!  I donâ€t look all stretched and fake as most the people I see.  I just look younger.   My neck looks amazing!!!  I yes longer do I have a chicken neck.  

When I decided to have the surgery, I decided to only tell three of my closest friends.   When I returned to my home town after the summer,  I was so thrilled with all the comments people were giving me.  Everyone was telling me how wonderful I looked.  One friend who I am close to and was not aware of my surgery, was so complimentary.  She kept telling me I never looked better!  I looked young,  my haircut was great, and my clothes, best I looked in the 8 years she knew me.   When really the only change was the surgery!!!  Everything else was the same.

Mostly, I want to thank Dr. Sullivan and his staff.  The entire experience was so positive.  Dr. Sullivan is so nice, and so caring.  He was constantly checking to make sure I was doing well after the surgery, and his staff was so caring.  The pain was really non-existent to what I heard it was going to be.  Mostly, itâ€s the feeling of numbness and a heaviness that you have to get use to.  Fortunately, this starts disappearing, and continues to get better.  I am so thrilled that I did have the surgery, and highly recommend if anyone considers doing this to go with Dr. Sullivan.  You will be so happy with the outcome and the entire experience.  Thrilled I did not go with the Boston plastic surgeons!

One last note about Dr. Sullivan,  He is also very philanthropic with his talent and travels the world giving lectures and doing surgeries.  Honored to know him!!

Her husband’s story:

For a number of years my wife had raised the discussion of cosmetic surgery.  Her initial focus was on non-surgical alternatives.  She was very concerned about having the stretched plastic look from a surgical process.  While I am not sure of all or type of research that went in to her decision, she decided on Ultherapy neck lift.  She went for a consultation and ultimately had a one visit treatment done.  My research of Ultherapy clearly indicated it was not for everyone and for my wife while she felt there was a slight improvement after her initial treatment I was not convinced.  As you can guess there was discussion of further treatment visits.

We currently live internationally for my work life and I travel frequently.  It was during one of these trips where I came across a newspaper article that featured Dr. Sullivan and a reputation as innovative surgeon with a focus on preserving the natural features of the person.  As you can guess the Ultherapy discussion came to mind.  What really caught my attention was his Rhode Island roots.  We lived in RI and MA in my early work life.  With relatives/friends still in the area we spend a reasonable amount of time there even now.

That evening at the hotel I did some research on Dr. Sullivan and when the next discussion on Ultherapy came up I brought up the Dr. Sullivan alternative.  From everything I read he was who my wife needed to consult with to get a broader picture of the surgery option and he lived/worked in the relative same area that she was now spending most summers.

I do not remember exactly but I believe she had her initial consultation visit with Dr. Sullivan during our return for the Christmas holidays.  When she returned from the consultation she not only found an enthusiastic and caring Dr. Sullivan, also a sincere, caring and supportive office staff.  Dr. Sullivan spent the amount of time required to determine if he could help and answer all of her questions.  Over the next few months Dr. Sullivan and his staff continue their support in answering questions to help in the decision process.  My wife also has a close friend whose husband is also in the medical field and she also did her own research, all positive feedback.  I need to stress here that there was at no point pressure from Dr. Sullivan or his staff.

Ultimately the decision was made to go forward with the surgery by Dr. Sullivan.  In the end it was Dr. Sullivan, his reputation, his vision, the team he has assembled and the alternatives were not going to provide the desired outcome.  Once the decision was made, the pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery (recovery) support were beyond all our expectations.  While the recovery time was not the most fun my wife has ever has had, the results exceeded expectations.

The true test was yet to come, only a few close friends knew of the surgery and were amazed at the outcome.  Once back into active circulation she has been complimented numerous times on her youthful appearance, the results were natural for her features.  Approximately 9 months now have passed and never a question for her it was the right choice.  Thank you to Dr. Sullivan and his team.

Want to add one last bit of information on Dr. Sullivan.  I did accompany my wife on a number of follow-up visit as she was going through the recovery cycle.  Met with Dr. Sullivan and his amazing team on many of these visits.   It was during one these visits I noticed a number of pictures from different regions of the world hanging on some of the office walls.  My curiosity led me to ask where the pictures we taken.  From this question I learned that Dr. Sullivan is also giving of his time and resources to help others.


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