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You may be interested in a recent review by a patient of ours who shared her procedure, her experience, and her results with us.

We were very excited because we love to hear from our patients and get their feedback on how we are doing with our Number 1 goal: How we can deliver the best care and result that they could get anywhere in the world.

“Dr. Patrick Sullivan in Providence, RI, is an amazingly gifted, artistic, expert plastic surgery. Dr. Sullivan makes an important connection with his patients; you feel you are in his care and that he is excited to make your improvements his most important work. There’s ample reason why he is ranked among the top 1% of plastic surgeons nationally. I would suspect an international ranking would prove as exemplary.

He rejuvenated my upper face, eye lids, deep puffy circles under my eyes, folds around my mouth, chin line, mouth, and neck, and you would never see the results as anything other than completely natural. After two weeks I was out and about and after three weeks I felt completely “normal” and didn’t hesitate to socialize. Amazingly, my friends didn’t realize I had anything done, but if I had shown them the “before” photos they would have been shocked. I even had a woman in a store stop to tell me my white hair was stunning because I was so young (I didn’t tell her I’m 65).

I can’t say enough about the kindness, expertise, care, and professionalism of Dr. Sullivan and his entire staff.â€

After reading her review, I was excited to share it with my entire team as it is all of us working together with a common goal that makes this happen.   It is the “kindness, care and professionalism†we want each of our patients to feel from their first interaction with the receptionist on the phone, to our team in our private operating room, our private recovery center, and the one-on-one spectacular nursing care at every level. Of course, we want to find out from each patient how they feel I can help them the most. Thus, I work tirelessly in the operating room to try and get each of our patients the best possible result they could get anywhere in the world. But, it is our amazing team and their dedication that helps us achieve our ultimate goal.








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