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As a 45-year-old male, I was becoming increasingly concerned about the loss of facial volume in my chin, jaw and cheek areas, and about the deepening folds between my nose and mouth. Upon consultation with Dr. Sullivan, we discussed a plan to restore these areas using a fat grafting/fat transfer procedure.

My confidence in Dr. Sullivan and his staff was gained after reading the many positive online testimonials and patient satisfaction reviews. Dr Sullivan’s name would often come up in salons that I have visited throughout the years. He is regarded by local aestheticians as one of the area’s best plastic surgeons.

My main concern about having surgery was that I didn’t want much downtime from work and exercise. I also didn’t want anyone to know that I had cosmetic surgery.  I had read many online postings about how fat injections can cause significant swelling and bruising. There is also much to be read online about variation in results and post-operative swelling/bruising, which depends largely on the surgeon’s technique and skill level with this procedure.

I had my full facial fat graft performed by Dr. Sullivan in late September 2011. Immediately after my surgery, it was evident that fat was put into all the right places and I was confident that the results would look great. I followed all the post-operative care instructions recommended by his staff.  I had only slight bruising in the face and minimal pain. I stopped taking pain meds after the first day.

Within several days I felt confident enough to go out in public without worrying about who I would run into. I started enjoying the results sooner than I had anticipated. Even while slightly swollen, the results looked good and natural. I returned to work after 10 days, although I think I could have done so sooner. I started with light workouts at the gym after two weeks and gradually built up to my full routine within several weeks. Some swelling and bruising persisted in the waistline (the donor site), but this lessened with time.

There were subtle changes over the first few weeks as the swelling subsided and perhaps some of the fat got reabsorbed.  I am now three months out and I remain very optimistic that the results will be long lasting.

Dr Sullivan has restored balance, symmetry and volume to my face. The folds between my nose and mouth have disappeared. I feel terrific and confident and I no longer obsess about the problem.

I am grateful to Dr Sullivan and his staff for a job well done.


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