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Listen to this patientâ€s new outlook following her sept-rhinoplasty and turbinate surgery.

The video & B&Aâ€s listed below are 2 months post-operative.

(Patient) Itâ€s going great. Iâ€ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. Iâ€m really happy about it. I really like it!

(Dr Sullivan) Good, what kind of things about it do you like?

(Patient) Well, the biggest thing for me is definitely that there is no bump on the side of my nose. And that has been straightened out in the front, especially.

(Dr Sullivan) Good. So no bump, itâ€s nice and straight – any other things?

(Patient) Yeah, before you could see more into my nostrils and now you canâ€t. My nose is less projected upwards and I really like that because I always noticed that as well. I used to always be aware of my side profile and feel uncomfortable with people looking at me from my side. If people took pictures of my side profile, I wouldnâ€t let them post that. Now I just donâ€t even think about it at all.

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