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PGA Tour Champions Player, TV Analyst, and Local Philanthropist Brad Faxon is well known to many across the country and especially in his native state of Rhode Island.  Brad is an incredibly nice person and has been an amazing contributor in so many ways.  Brad and I have had conversations about his upper eyelid concerns many of which he inherited.  He decided to move forward with the surgery some weeks ago.  Brad, who now lives in Florida is a FOX Sports Lead Studio Analyst and hole announcer so having people be able to fully see his eye area for television was a key factor.  He also wanted to have a very natural enhanced appearance which is our specialty.

He flew up to Providence for his initial consultation and shortly after he scheduled his surgery for an upper eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) which also included lifting of the outer brow area.  Since the skin laxity and hooding continued out into the temporal region we wanted to make sure the incisions were completely hidden.  Thus, the outer part of the brow and temporal area was lifted from above so the small incisions were completely hidden in the scalp.  No hair was cut and an endoscope was used so we had magnified visualization.  In turn, the incision removing the excess tissue in the upper eyelid was completely hidden.  NO GENERAL anesthesia was needed.  Only sedation was used, but it was done to a level that he could not feel, hear, or see anything during the procedure.  

Brad said in his review: “My recovery has been great†and we agree.  He has been a terrific patient.  He also said: “I cannot say how pleased I was to be under his care from not only Dr Sullivan, but…his entire staff.â€

Brad is very open to share his procedure publicly as he wants others to benefit from his experience.  That is so characteristic of Brad Faxon.  He is very thoughtful and is always trying to help others. He didnâ€t shy away from sharing how his surgery made him feel.  If plastic surgery can transform oneâ€s life in a positive way with natural-looking results where they feel and look amazing –  why not move forward with a procedure?

And bravo to Iggy Azalea!  She discussed her plastic surgery experience and shared it on social media with her fans. In a recent article in Allure Magazine she graciously thanked her plastic surgeon on Instagram for making her feel and looking her best.   

Fortunately, more people are understanding what expertly done plastic surgery can do for them.  It can take away the tired, sad, or stern appearance that many people may develop as time passes.  Many of these propensities are inherited and may lead others to misinterpret someoneâ€s facial expressions.  This can certainly be bad for business and for social situations as well.  


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