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What are the plastic surgery trends in 2016? Based on a recent article in The Fashion Times many of these trends are “celebrity†driven. Here is what is trending now:

  1. More natural looking breasts (and our specialty is the natural look) – More women are moving away from “super size†and going towards breasts that are more natural looking. There are a number of celebrities who have breasts that are not oversized for their figures, which just reinforces the idea that natural looking breasts are in and big oversized breasts are out. This is what so many of our patients are asking for and this is what we give them.
  2. Bigger and fuller backsides – Thanks to celebrities like J Lo and Kim Kardashian, more women are wanting a fuller backside. We have also been happy to help patients with this. Our preference is to use the patientâ€s own fat cells that we get from other parts of their body and transfer it to their buttocks. In our patients we have found high satisfaction.
  3. Larger Lips? We say “Watch Outâ€â€“ Havenâ€t you seen lips that have been made too big? This craze is the result of Kim Kardashianâ€s half sister – Kylie Jenner who is not shy about posting her fuller lips all over social media.  We are EXTREMELY careful in our practice to NOT give patients over sized unnatural lips. Yes, we believe in enlarging deflated or small lips and we do it frequently. However, we are always trying to have lips be artistically beautiful and NEVER over done.

One procedure that this article fails to mention is the ever so popular Kybella – the non-surgical treatment of the removal of fat in double chin and the neck area. This continues to be very popular for both men and women. However, not everyone is a candidate for Kybella. Some are better candidates for neck surgery.  The NY Post wrote an interesting article on the growing popularity of this non-surgical procedure:

Aside from celebrity driven plastic surgery trends, our society has become more appearance sensitive because of the ever so popular “selfie”. As a result, the desire for cosmetic procedures has increased. Ultimately, whatever cosmetic procedure we perform – either non-surgical or surgical we always follow the philosophy of a producing a beautifully enhanced “natural appearance†approach for our patients.







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