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Cosmetic Bootcamp® – the aesthetic multidisciplinary meeting and educational forum which was held in Aspen, Colorado from July 7th – 10th was once again terrific.  It was an honor to be invited again this year as a faculty member and speaker at this incredible educational event.

I participated in The Cadaver Head Dissection Course which was held on the first day of the conference on Thursday, July 7th.  Though this may sound gross it is not.  It is an incredible way to demonstrate treatments and how important critical anatomic structures are in achieving a safe result.  I discussed the advanced ways we can perform face and neck rejuvenation safely.  We also discussed how we use simultaneous addition of fat injections to fill in contour abnormalities at the same time.  In addition, I stressed how this combined treatment is an important way to rejuvenate the face and neck and at the same time improve the contours of the face.  The ultimate goal is always to give a beautiful natural appearance.  This also proved to be a terrific way to demonstrate ways to remove fatty deposits around the mouth, jowls, and neck.

On the last day of the conference, I was asked to moderate a newly added segment this year on the Silhouette InstaLiftâ„¢.  Very few on the faculty or of those attending this conference had any experience with Silhouette InstaLiftâ„¢.  I was excited to present our work with this minimally invasive treatment – our ‘no-knife face liftâ€.  It was particularly nice to share our experience with the attendees as our patients have really appreciated the results.  I emphasized the importance of choosing the right patient as not everyone is a good candidate.  I also shared some of the nuances of the technique as certain ways of performing the treatment make a big difference in the end result.  As moderator I also emphasized the importance of careful individual planning of each treatment and artistry that is necessary to give a beautiful natural enhancement.

A representative of the company who makes the devices told me that I am still the only doctor who has been trained and uses the devices in New England.  Based on the way this treatment has been received by my patients, the instant results and the minimal down time I believe will be a very nice way we can help certain patients who are candidates.






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