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I just returned from an amazing but extremely busy ASAPS Meeting in Las Vegas, NV where I was honored to give presentations at: The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Meeting, The American Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses (ASPSN) meeting, and The Society of Plastic Surgery Skin Care Specialist (SPSSCS).  The Aesthetic Meeting is an annual global gathering of Aesthetic Innovators and Experts.  It is an excellent opportunity to share the exciting advances we have found, connect with brilliant minds, learn about ground-breaking new advances, and exchange information about the wonderful world of plastic surgery.

All the panels were well attended and I had the opportunity to meet new friends as well as see old colleagues.  Learning about new advances in our field and sharing and exchanging knowledge with our industry experts is truly a highlight; one of the reasons why I look forward to this meeting year after year.

We have been a real fan of RealSelf and we are so appreciative of our many patients who visited the RealSelf site and wrote reviews about us.  Our patients have noticed how we put our team first and are passionate about giving them the very best.  This year I was also asked by RealSelf to do a video on body contouring.  RealSelf brings confidence to decisions about cosmetic treatments and beyond. RealSelf members share their treatment experiences and photos along with doctor reviews, costs, and candid opinions on what’s worth it or not.

Filming the video was fun and as it gave us the opportunity to discuss the importance of patients getting both the results they are looking for and safety they deserve. My video which aired on RealSelfTV discussed the Three Important Factors to Consider When Having Body Contouring.  Enjoy!












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