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This is a transcription of an 18 year old womanâ€s story after rhinoplasty with Dr Patirck K Sullivan.   

(Dr Sullivan) What do you think about the result? 

(Patient) I love the result. Yeah. Much better than before.

(Dr Sullivan) What about it do you love?

(Patient) I love that the bump is gone.  Smaller profile. Yeah. I love it, overall.

(Dr Sullivan) Do you think it matches your face?

(Patient) Yes,  a lot better than what I was born with.

(Dr Sullivan) What kind of advice would you give to somebody who is thinking about having something done to the bump on their nose?

(Patient) I would say, go for it.  Because it was definitely worth it.  Iâ€m much more confident in myself and, yeah, overall, it was a good experience. 

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