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Dr. Patrick Sullivan shares some dramatic lunch-hour transformations performed through Botox©, Juvederm©, Blepharoplasty, and other procedures.


Injections of Botox® into this sixty-year-old patientâ€s forehead area smoothed lines, caused the central brow to come down to a more normal position and slightly lifted the outer brow. Used properly, Botox© doesnâ€t “freeze†the face—expression lines still form when a patient raises their eyebrows or scrunches their eyes.


Cosmetic eyelid surgery to reduce lid drooping or under-eye puffiness can often be done in an office operating room in less than an hour. For this fifty-six-year-old man, a small incision was made to reposition the fat causing under-eye bags and move the fat down to fill the circles. The incision is made inside the eyelid to prevent external scars.

Botox® + blepharoplasty

As with the patient above, fat was moved from under the eyes of this fifty-nine-year-old via a tiny incision and repositioned to fill the circles. An injection of Botox® softened forehead lines and also relaxed the muscle that was causing an abnormal elevation of her right brow.

Chin and neck re-contouring

This sixteen-year-old patient sought a chin more in proportion with the rest of her face. Liposuction reduced the fullness below her jawline, while natural fat taken from a tiny incision in her belly button was injected in threads into the front portion of the jawline to reshape her chin in under an hour.

Juvedermâ„¢ Filler

A small injection of this sixty-one-year-old patientâ€s own fat gently plumped lips and softened lip lines. Patients who want a subtle, long-lasting to permanent result opt for natural fat instead of temporary fillers like Juvedermâ„¢.

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