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It is a fact: Mothers wear many hats! They are raising their children, juggling work and family obligations, volunteering, etc. The thought of having a mommy makeover has crossed the minds of many busy-minded moms. Although we are currently into the deep winter months, spring is just around the corner. The idea of coming into Spring looking and feeling great is a common conversation we have with our patients who are mothers who are considering a mommy makeover.

Feeling good about yourself and having confidence should be a major reason why you should consider a mommy makeover – or any cosmetic procedure for that matter. If you wished you had your pre-pregnancy figure and just donâ€t feel good about your body anymore after having kids, a mommy makeover could be a benefit. Many of our current patients who are mothers find that their post-pregnancy body donâ€t look like their own so they consider a tummy tuck or a breast augmentation / lift. Their pre-pregnancy bodies – fuller breasts and flat stomachs have most likely disappeared. In fact, correcting these common post-pregnancy problem areas can go a long way in building your confidence and self-esteem – not only personally but also professionally. Patients often tell us they feel like themselves again. They can look in the mirror and feel comfortable both in and out of clothes.

Cost may be an issue when it comes to this procedure, which is completely understandable. Women especially mothers often put off a cosmetic procedure like this because of the cost and the guilt of doing something for themselves. However, this does not have to be the case. At our office, we have wonderful financing options available to you. People make many important financial decisions in their investments all the time. Why not make this investment in yourself? The investment in the mommy and your mommy makeover is something that you will look at and see everyday!

Once you made the decision to move ahead with your mommy makeover, the procedure has been done, and you are now under the care of our amazing team, you will definitely need to take it easy for a little while. My team and I will discuss this with you when you come see us and together we determine what you would like to address. It is very common for many mothers to be concerned about taking the time to heal…and more importantly, asking for help. We understand that many of our patients who are mothers are used to doing everything. However, we have found that with proper planning and simply asking for help from friends and family members, most are willing to help. That being said, you will not be able to do housework, heavy lifting, pick up your children for at least 2 weeks or so. But you will not be, nor should be, lying in bed all day. You will be up and around keeping the circulation optimal. Everyone handles pain and recovery differently and we will help you determine when you can resume normal activities.

Are you interested in learning about more about a mommy makeover? Are you ready to take that next step in looking and feeling your best? Then, please feel free to contact our office anytime. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. In fact, our office is having an Open House on Thursday, April 7th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm and we would love for you to join us. Space is limited so please RSVP early by contacting us at: 401.400.4222.




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