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We hear it so frequently during our consultations: I just want my breasts back. We have heard many women express that they just want what they once had.  They share concerns about the change in size and shape of their breasts as they age or have carried children.  It is certainly common for women to be left with less volume in their breasts after childbearing and especially breastfeeding.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! We have gathered some insight from one woman who works in the plastic surgery industry; she is also a mother and feels she can relate to so many of the women that visit our office.  She says that she often feels “inspired to start a movement†and wants to ask other mothers who have spent so much loving time on others to join her in “taking back our breastsâ€.

There are a number of reasons our patients tell us they have put off surgery or even scheduling a consultation. For many women, it has been a matter of feeling guilty about doing something for themselves that has made them shy away from the thought of going through with the procedure.  Many feel that having to ask for help or to be cared for while in recovery may come across as selfish to others and this worries them.  For others, itâ€s the cost or the recovery time itself that holds them back.  Deciding to have surgery is a personal decision, but the concerns are certainly common; we meet so many wonderful mothers who have struggled to make the decision to come see us but are extremely happy once they finally do take that step and have their breasts back.

We work hard to make each woman feel comfortable and help educate them so that they are able to make the best decision for themselves and their families.  When asked why now, our spokeswoman shared her belief that many women are choosing to “throw away the guilt because we deserve to be our bestâ€.   We think thatâ€s a great mindset to have!

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