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We have an incredible team of nurses who put 100% each and everyday at our practice; at the initial consultations, during the pre-operative and pre-treatment meetings, during surgery, and then post operatively.  I am so grateful for the wonderful work that each of them does for our patients and how they collaborate with each other to give our patients the very BEST care in the world.  That is our goal as a team and each of them is completely committed to that goal.

Our team of nurses are so caring and they treat each of our patients as if they were members of their own family.  Aside from being caring and attentive to the needs of our patients, each one is so knowledgeable and dependable.  They are closely involved with the treatment, safety, and recovery of our patients.

During the pre-treatment period, my team of nurses and I develop a plan of care for each of our patients that is specific to them and the type of procedure they are going to have.  This is so key in the recovery process – they care, they observe, they assess, they record symptoms, they respond, and they assist me during examinations and treatments.  They also instruct patients (and their loved ones) on how to assist in the recovery process so our patients recover as fast as possible.  Our nursing team always go beyond the call of duty.  Their drive and commitment to their profession and to our practice truly makes them the best in the world.

I am so humbled and grateful for my team.  I enjoy receiving letters, emails, and reviews about them; our patients are so thankful for the wonderful way they were cared for by our team.  Our nurses all know the true meaning of teamwork – our team of nurses function as part of a strong unit, so our job in caring for our patients is better and more efficient.  Thus, patient care is truly enhanced.

Kudos to office team: Nurse Maureen, Nurse Jenny, Nurse Katie, Nurse Kim, Nurse Beth, Nurse Grace, and Nurse Jill.

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