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Several months ago, The Wall Street Journal featured an article titled, The Future of Plastic Surgery by Patrick J. Byrne. The article addressed how new technology and trends were in the forefront of the minds of the consumer. Ultimately, this mindset pushed developers / engineers to design solutions and treatments to our never-ending obsession: to look young and attractive.


It is fascinating to see the technological advancements in our society as a whole and in my practice in the past decade – from Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and FaceTime, to highly sophisticated Mobile Apps, to Alphaeonâ€s TouchMD. As a practicing plastic surgeon with over 20+ years of experience, I have seen vast changes in both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures as well. Back in the day, Botox injections were considered secretive and taboo; now it is a common practice for both women and men and even with teenagers. The rise of plastic surgery in men has increased over the past several years because of todayâ€s very competitive job market – men need to look younger in order to compete with todayâ€s Millennial Generation.


Procedures in my practice are highly sophisticated and technical which include: Facial Enhancements, Body Contouring, Breast Surgery, and Male Plastic Surgery. Advancements in each of these areas have grown rather quickly due to the lack of options from years past. Kybella – a new and very popular non-surgical procedure to remove excess fatty deposits in the neck and an unwanted double chin as well as Gynecomastia – male breast reduction – are just two procedures which has seen an amazing growth in our practice in the past 10 years. We have a way to treat gynecomastia that has proven successful in all age groups.

As for the future of plastic surgery? I see plastic surgery procedures only increasing due to our culture where people want to work at their highest level of potential and with our the constant desire to look and feel your best. The aging process is a fact of life, however, we can now do things to help delay and improve that process and live life to the fullest.

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