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Our beautiful weather is right around the corner!  Some days it has actually arrived.  Our wonderful patients have reminded us via thoughtful reviews about their recent body work and the influx of phone calls from  new patients looking to get their appointments scheduled for consultations.  Itâ€ll be time to shed the layers of clothing before you know it and this brings about mixed emotions for a lot of people.  And thatâ€s okay!


We see patients from all walks of life who are looking for a little help while on their journey to the best version of themselves!  Our breast and body patients seek our help for many reasons.  Some reach out when they have a few stubborn areas that just donâ€t lay as flat as they once did even after lots of exercise.  Many are looking for Mommy Makeovers as they have lost significant weight and want to show off their new shape.  Some may have asymmetries in shape or size of breasts or just want that little lift in confidence as well.  The message here is that everyone deserves to be comfortable in their skin.  We are happy to do all that we can to assist in making this a reality.


We customize a plan that works for your individual concerns.  We take the extra steps to meet your goals while also keeping long term safety in mind. For example, with breast augmentation patients we assess your body, take measurements and talk to you about your desired size and shape.  We even take additional steps when we are in the operating room to artistically evaluate the implant sizes while they are in your body.  Our goal is to determine the perfect size to meet your goals and that it be SAFE.  We also utilize the fat transfers to the breasts and buttocks when appropriate to try and give you the very best results we can.

We are so excited about the new advances in breast and body contouring that help us give patients what they are looking for!  Please feel free to reach out to our office for additional information and to schedule a consultation.


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