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More and more couples are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures together, and itâ€s a trend that seems to be catching on particularly among baby-boomers. With men and women living and working longer, itâ€s no wonder they want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Many of the patient couples in our practice are physically fit and energetic.  And, after years of caring for others, they have decided that itâ€s time to make an investment in themselves. These husband-and-wife teams arenâ€t seeking to drastically change their outward appearance, however. Rather, they simply desire to lose the “tired,†“old,†or “stern†appearance that has taken place in their faces with age.  The cosmetic procedures they are interested in are not limited to facial rejuvenation, either. Many of these patients are also choosing breast and body contouring techniques as part of their overall rejuvenation plan.


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