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This is an energetic, lovely woman who was especially concerned by her neck and jaw line. She was bothered by her jowls and the loose skin in the neck area. She wanted a more defined jaw line with lifted cheeks. She had previous facial surgery done in Missouri in 2010; however, she was not pleased with the results and had hoped for more.

We planned a facial rejuvenation procedure that addressed the jowls and lifted the saggy soft tissue back into the cheek area. The jowls themselves were removed. In order to prevent bunching of the skin which was brought up from the jowl and neck area, a temporal lift was done at the same time. This helped to rejuvenate the temporal region as well as preventing the appearance of any bunching of the skin.

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“When I Look In The Mirror, I See The Person That I Feel Like I Am”
I knew that I wanted to have it, there was no doubt about it, it was going to happen. I knew I wanted to go to the best doctor I could find in my area. It didnâ€t matter what the expense was, it was going to be the best and it was going to be done right and I am just so happy because I feel like that is exactly what I got. I went with the best and I got the best results. When I look in the mirror I see the person that I feel like I am where beforehand it wasnâ€t like that all. It was depressing for me before, it really was. Now the person that I see in the mirror is the person that I am and itâ€s delightful, it really is delightful.


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