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Zoom Boom in Plastic Surgery Makes Facelifts the 3rd Most Popular Procedure.

While much of the country worked from home in 2020, communication and commerce had to carry on.
Tight-knit office-based employees who were once but a few feet from one another and held conferences in-person were now at home and spread out across cities in their states.

That meant virtual video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype became the go-to coordination and communication connection. All three platforms have one thing in common: members of the virtual meetings can all see each other, and whether one is the main speaker or just one of many attendees, oneâ€s face is naturally the center of attention.

What once made up just part of a personâ€s total outward impression now filled entire screens as focus shifted perhaps from oneâ€s overall attire to oneâ€s face. And those views lasted for several minutes or even hours.

Facelifts: the 3rd most popular procedure of 2020

“Everybodyâ€s on camera now,†Dr. Patrick Sullivan told NBC 10 News. “It used to be that when they gave presentations, they couldnâ€t see what they looked like, and now they can all see what they look like, and itâ€s making them much more conscious of how they come across.â€

That shift in how employees interact has also “changed how we practice almost in every way,†he says.

His worldwide clients connect with him on Zoom calls for virtual consultations.

And the procedures theyâ€re most interested in?

According to the nationâ€s largest association of plastic surgeons, the year’s three most popular plastic surgeries were rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and facelifts.

“We canâ€t stop the aging process, but what my patients tell me is that they think the procedures last forever because it takes them back to another time, and then they start aging from that point.â€

Dr. Sullivan’s worldwide clients connect with him on Zoom calls for virtual consultations.  Together they discuss the patientâ€s concerns and review the pictures Dr. Sullivan has asked them to send.   They then go over pre and post-op photos of age-matched patients of Dr. Sullivanâ€s who had similar concerns and had Dr. Sullivanâ€s specialized treatment.   They typically book their Sullivan facelifts and eyelid surgery that day based on their Zoom consultation with Dr. Sullivan.  These consultations tend to be quite lengthy, but it saves the patient from flying in for the consultation.  They all meet in person the day before surgery, and Dr. Sullivan reviews all the details of the planned surgery that day.  He meets with them the next morning at the surgery center and has another extended pre-operative visit where they again go over all the details of the artistic plan and see it drawn on their face. To schedule your cosmetic surgery with Dr. Patrick Sullivan, reach out today. Schedules are filling rapidly.

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